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TMJ/Migraine/Sleep Apnea

Specialized Diagnosis and Treatment

TMJ/TMD, migraine headaches and sleep apnea can all be the direct result of the misalignment of your dental bite, your lower jaw or the TMJ/facial muscle. Our mission is to identify, diagnoses and develop treatment for the specific physiological causes of your pain. With specialized training, state of the art diagnostic tools, and years of experience treating these issues we are committed to finding the unique solution you need to achieve comfort and wellness.

Dr. Gregg Melfi, DDS

Dr. Melfi is a general and cosmetic dentist with over a decade of experience and thousands of hours of training in physiologic and medical alignment based dentistry. He specializes in functional smile design and the treatment and prevention of TMJ, headache, pathologic teeth grinding and sleep apnea. His credentials include a Master’s Degree in Human Physiology, a doctorate degree from New York University, Fellowship Continuum from LVI Advanced Dental Studies and Mastership Continuum from Occlusion Connections, the foremost education facility in the world for complex care related to TMJ/TMD and bite related migraine headaches. With a holistic approach to wellness Dr. Melfi helps his patients achieve a longer lasting, high quality of life by treating the root causes of headaches, jaw pain and damaging teeth grinding without the constant use of drugs and muscle relaxants to merely mask symptoms.

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Melfi was very concise and offered alternative treatments. Very happy with the information I received.

Dr. Melfi helped me stop grinding my teeth. They are extremely friendly and the place is so nice. They have TV's and massage chairs…. Check them out, they are the best.

Dr. Melfi is wholeheartedly dedicated to his career as a dentist. If you need Dr. Melfi, he'll always be there to help you and answer your questions as quickly as possible.